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Discover why top companies trust the Aftermarket service we offer

Microfluidics International Corporation is proud to be known for providing exceptional Aftermarket service to each customer who invests in a Microfluidizer® processor. Our state-of-the-art technology deserves unparalleled support to ensure peace of mind for optimal performance.


The Aftermarket Team Culture

Focused on collaboration, learning and a continuous drive for excellence, Microfluidics superior Aftermarket team is focused on every detail of customer service and support so a true difference in our customers’ results can be achieved.

Our team fully embraces that we service industries which manufacture life-saving pharmaceuticals and vaccines. Therefore, timely support is at the forefront of our Aftermarket objective.

Delivering Customer Obsession

The entire Aftermarket team works to truly anticipate each customer's individual needs and offer guidance and support. The team appreciates that each customer has its own unique set of objectives and counter-balancing challenges.

This entails:

  • Identifying components on our customers’ machines so our customers are better equipped to stock critical spares and avoid delays and downtime.
  • Advising on preventative parts and service so our customers can achieve their optimum production efficiency. Planning in a service is more efficient than responding to a breakdown.

Global Support for Lifesaving Products

Microfluidizer® processors are sold to customers around the world and have built a well-connected network of field service members who can provide assistance anywhere in the world.

We service customers from a wide variety of industries including the pharmaceutical, vaccine, biotechnology, chemical, food and nutraceutical industries. We understand that issues with production have a drastic effect on critical, even lifesaving, products. Therefore, our top priority is providing fast, effective solutions to maintain optimum process performance to avoid or reduce equipment downtime. Our preventative maintenance agreements are customized for industry-specific applications and use. This invaluable and thorough evaluation plan prevents unnecessary problems and ensures processors are maintained at their highest performance and condition.

Superior Parts for Superior Processors

Microfluidics genuine parts are built with precision from the highest quality of materials. They are designed to maintain the performance that our customers expect when owning a premier Microfluidizer® processor. 

Due to the impact of Covid-19 and the recent unrest around the globe, our Aftermarket team is witnessing unfortunate global supply chain issues which are creating longer lead times on specific products. Delays in materials and products have become prevalent but our dedicated Aftermarket team has worked diligently to stay ahead of this situation.

To counter these delays, Microfluidics is currently stocking a higher level of critical spares and suggests our customers maintain a backup of critical spares on their premises to avoid any issues. This is especially important for customers who require customized parts. We continue to strengthen our relationship with our suppliers to ensure that we have raw materials are delivered in a timely manner. Our production facility has also added additional resources and has increased the headcount significantly over the last two years to make sure that we’re able to increase our output.

Our Dedicated Support Team

Our dedicated support team works on implementing internal process enhancements and is the liaison between the various departments of the business and the customer.

Our team advocates for each customer by working with quality and logistics teams, engineering, purchasing, planning and production to make sure that our customers receive timely support and have all enquiries answered.

As a valued customer, Microfluidics offers first class technical service and support for the lifetime of the equipment.

Microfluidics is at the forefront of vaccine manufacturing, including the COVID vaccine, and our customers need equipment working at 100% capacity. The sole focus of our Aftermarket team is to rise to this challenge.

If you would like to find out more about the Microfluidics approach, then please contact us.


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