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Pilot Scale Homogenizers

Microfluidizer® High Pressure Pilot Scale Homogenizers

At the heart of every Microfluidizer® pilot-scale homogenizer is a unique fixed-geometry Interaction Chamber constructed from rugged ceramic or diamond. This crucial feature is engineered to maximize the shear forces generated as your fluids are forced through the homogenizer under intense pressures.

Select your desired pressure, up to 30,000 psi, and a single-acting intensifier pump amplifies the hydraulic pressure to the appropriate level. This, in turn, imparts the desired pressure to the product stream. The Microfluidics' fixed-geometry Interaction Chamber is the proprietary feature that enables our clients to experience on-target values and seamless scale up — from small investigatory pilot runs to full-scale production runs.


Microfluidics Pilot Scale Homogenizers.

Pilot Scale M110EH Homogenizer

The M110EH is an electric-hydraulic processor for continuous high shear fluid processing. A small volume processor, the M110EH is an ideal machine for running both R&D and pilot-scale batches. Due to Microfluidizer® technology, the M110EH achieves the same repeatable results as lab and production scale models.

Pilot Scale M815 Homogenizers

Regardless of sample size, footprint or operating temperature/pressure, all Microfluidizer® processors excel at treating every milliliter of your product the same — every time. You can expect uniform particle sizes and tight particle-size distributions, and may even achieve desired results in a single, highly efficient pass.

Whether your ultimate goal is cell disruption, nanoemulsions, nanodispersions, deagglomeration, microencapsulation and/or liposomes, Microfluidics has the right equipment for the job. Consistent, reliable, durable, superior: Microfluidizer® high shear homogenizers deliver excellent results.

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Microfluidizer® High Pressure Pilot Scale Homogenizers

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