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Microfluidizer® Technology
for Sterile Nanoemulsions

For drug and vaccine delivery, achieving narrow particle size and size distribution is critically important for filtration. See why using a Microfluidizer® processor is ideal for creating sterile nano-emulsions.

Cell Disruption

Microfluidizer® Technology
for Cell Disruption

Whether it’s achieving high yields, lower viscosity, or improved filtration, it’s important to choose the right method for cell disruption. Discover how Microfluidizer technology compares to other methods.


Microfluidizer® Technology
in Liposome Production

Many methods exist to make liposomes in small quantities, but a few methods are realistic for production scale manufacturing. Learn more about our Microfluidizer® technology by downloading our application note.

Cell Disruption

Microfluidizer® Technology in Cell Lysing for Gene Therapy

Discover more about how Microfluidizer® technology is an ideal alternative cell lysing method for harvesting vectors which are the most commonly used carriers in delivery of therapeutic genes.


Microfluidizer® Technology
for Polysaccarides

From plasma expanders, carriers for water-insoluble drugs, in drug formulation, as immune stimulators and vaccine antigens, learn more about the diversity of polysaccharide and its role in pharmaceuticals.

Polymer Nanoparticles

Microfluidizer® Technology
for Polymer Nanoparticles

Biocompatible and biodegradable polymer nanoparticles represent one of the most innovative delivery systems. Learn about its ability to deliver a combination of different therapeutic ingredients and its importance in pharmaceuticals.

Polymer Nanoparticles

Microfluidizer® Technology for creating RNA vaccine delivery systems

When RNA by itself is not viable as a vaccine, read how the creation and production of a drug delivery system for the next generation of vaccines is required. Download our application note for an introduction.

Nab Drug Delivery

Microfluidizer® Technology for Nanoparticle Albumin Bound (nab) Drug Delivery

With less side-effects than traditional systems, learn how nanoparticle albumin bound (nab) paclitaxel is a critically important method in chemotherapy drug delivery. See how our technology plays a vital role in the process.


Microfluidizer® Technology
– How it scales up


It’s essential that success in the lab can be duplicated into production with consistent results batch-to-batch. Learn how Microfluidizer® technology can be scaled up from lab to pilot to production with repeatable results.


Microfluidizer® Technology
for producing sterile Propofal emulsion

With its rapid onset, short recovery time and minimal side effects, learn how producing an efficient propofal emulsion is important for creating critical sedatives and anesthesia. drugs.


Microfluidizer® Technology
vs. other methods for creating nanoemulsions

Creating a quality nanoemulsion requires selecting the right emulsification method. Learn how Microfluidizer® technology compares to Ultrasonic technology.

Cell Disruption

Microfluidizer® Technology for Cell Disruption – don’t just take our word for it

Read a collection of peer reviews and case studies for insight into the advantages of choosing Microfluidizer® processors over other methods for cell lysis.


Microfluidizer® Technology for the exfoliation of graphene & other 2D materials

Graphene is ultra-light, extremely tough and incredibly flexible and is a superior barrier and efficient conductor. Learn more about our scalable method to exfoliate graphene.


Microfluidizer® Technology for creating stable nanoemulsions


When creating a nanoemulsion to be used in beverages, it is important to use a method which achieves increased stability, no loss of active ingredients and is contamination free.


Microfluidizer® Technology for solvent-free production of liposomes

Learn more about an innovative new greener process to produce liposomes without the use of solvents that can be efficiently scaled for production.


Microfluidics Application
Lab Services

With extensive experience in both equipment and application, our engineers have helped 100's of customers reach their nanotechnology solutions utilizing Microfluidizer® technology.


Microfluidizer® Technology
– How It Works

With seamless scale-up from lab to production, Microfluidizer® technology gets unparalleled results. Learn how Microfluidics achieves consistent results batch-to-batch.


Microfluidizer® High-Shear Processors

Microfluidics leads the way in solving nanotechnology challenges. From lab-scale to production-scale, Microfluidizer® processors provide optimal performance & superior quality.

Lab Scale Equipment

LM20 Microfluidizer® Processor

Learn more about our digitally controlled, electrically powered lab unit for small sample processing.


Lab Scale Equipment

M110P Electric Laboratory Homogenizer

Discover our simple to use, premium 'plug and play' benchtop homogenizer for continuous high shear processing in the lab.


Lab Scale Equipment

LV1 Low Volume Microfluidizer® Homogenizer

Lab Unit for small sample material processing, an excellent choice for academic and commercial customers working with high-value samples to the milliliter scale.

Pilot Scale Equipment

M815 Pilot-Scale Microfluidizer® Processor

Bridging the gap between lab and production, this biopharma homogenizer is the ideal solution to perform high shear fluid processing for small sample sizes.

Production Scale Equipment

M700 Series Microfluidizer® Processor

Scale up seamlessly to full production with one of the M700 series models. Delivering uniform distribution of submicron particle size at the highest shear rates available.

MF - How it works


How it Works

Discover what makes Microfluidizer® technology superior and how it differentiates over conventional homogenizers.

MFIC Quick Vid vaccines


Introduction to Vaccines

This video provides an overview of Vaccines, exploring Antigens, Adjuvants and Delivery Systems.

YSU-Vaccines 2020 presentation - Final Recording


Vaccines Conference Webinar

Find out how Microfluidizer® high shear processors are a Scalable Solution for Large Scale Manufacturing of Vaccines.



Vaccine Production: Scaling up - lab to production

Learn more about how Microfluidizer® technology provides guaranteed scale-up from the R&D lab to production.



Scalable high-pressure homogenizers

Discover how Microfluidizer® Technology differentiates itself from other high-pressure homogenizers.



Microfluidizer® Interaction Chamber™

Interaction Chambers™ are designed to provide repeatable results and consistent quality, no matter the volume.

Pall & Microfluidics Webinar


Producing Squalene Emulsions

Find out more about Microfluidics technology and the benefits of the Microfluidization process in the production of Squalene-based nanoemulsions.

MFIC - Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology Applications


Nanotechnology Applications

A webinar discussion on how to solve pharmaceutical nanotechnology application challenges from development to production.


Vaccine Adjuvants

Vaccine Adjuvant Production

A case study from Microfluidics covering Vaccine Adjuvant Production - the history, production methods, MF59, Nanoemulsions, Filtering.

MFIC vaccines scale up conf


Scale-up Vaccines Manufacturing


Success in the lab is only useful if the product can easily be transferred to small cGMP batches for clinical trials, and ultimately production scale.

IDRI Webinar


Vaccine Adjuvant Formulations for Global Health


Dr. Chris Fox of the Infectious Disease Research Institute discusses their vaccine and adjuvant development programme and production scale-up.



Solvent-free production methods for liposomes and lipid nanoparticles

Discover novel, solvent-free methods for producing lipid-based nanoparticles (liposomes, lipid nanoparticles and solid lipid nanoparticles).

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