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Scalable Microfluidizer® Technology for Cosmetic Applications

CATEGORY: Cosmetics

Dr. Yang Su addresses the challenges top cosmetic companies must overcome to produce superior products that are free from contaminants and with long shelf-lives.  We address how Microfluidizer® Technology resolves cosmetic application challenges including solvent-free perfume, specialty shampoo, liposomal serum, cell lysis for cosmetic application and process scale-up.


Solving Nanotechnology Application Challenges with the Versatile and Scalable Microfluidizer® Technology

CATEGORY: Equipment

Microfluidics' Manager of New Technology and Application, Dr. Yang Su, provided an overview of manufacturing considerations & benefits of uniform processing of Microfluidizer® technology and how it can be applied in processing a variety of materials across pharmaceutical, cosmetic, nutraceutical and energy applications.

Nanoparticle Albumin Bound (NAB) Paclitaxel Production through Microfluidizer® Technology

CATEGORY: Pharma and Chemical

An In-depth Comparison of Biotest HSA and Recombinant HSA for the Preparation of Nano Albumin Bound (nab) Paclitaxel using Microfluidizer® Technology.


Scalable Solution for Next- Generation RNA technology and Delivery

CATEGORY: Lipid Nanoparticles

Dr. Darrick Carter discusses HDT Bio's proprietary drug delivery technology and the role Microfluidizer® processors play in addressing an efficient, scalable production solution.


Scalable Technology for Pharmaceutical Drug Delivering Nanoparticle Manufacturing

CATEGORY: Pharmaceuticals

Dr. Yang Su, of Microfluidics International Corp., presenting: Scalable Microfluidizer® technology for Pharmaceutical Drug Delivering Nanoparticle Manufacturing at the 2022 International Pharmaceutical Technology Symposium (IPTS).


Solvent-free Technology for Oral Bioavailability Enhancement


How Microfluidizer® technology, through a solvent-free manufacturing process, can help solve bioavailability issues.


Vaccines Conference Webinar


Find out how Microfluidizer® high shear processors are a Scalable Solution for Large Scale Manufacturing of Vaccines.


Microfluidizer® Technology for Cancer Drug Delivering Nanoparticle Manufacturing


Learn about drug delivering nanoparticles and Microfluidizer® technology's role in solving production challenges.


Scale-up vaccines production
and manufacturing

CATEGORY: Pharma and Chemical

Success in the lab is only useful if the product can easily be transferred to small cGMP batches for clinical trials, and ultimately production scale, where potentially billions of doses would be required.

Introduction to Vaccines

CATEGORY: Vaccines

This video provides an overview of Vaccines, exploring Antigens, Adjuvants and Delivery Systems.


Vaccine Adjuvant Production

CATEGORY: Vaccines

A case study from Microfluidics covering Vaccine Adjuvant Production - the history, production methods, MF59, Nanoemulsions, Filtering.


Producing Squalene Emulsions


Find out more about Microfluidics technology and the benefits of the Microfluidization process Squalene-based nanoemulsion production.


Vaccine Adjuvant Formulations
for Global Health


Dr Chris Fox of IDRI discusses their vaccine & adjuvant development programme and production scale-up.


Nanotechnology Applications

CATEGORY: Pharmaceutical

A webinar discussion on how to solve pharmaceutical nanotechnology application challenges from development to production.


Cell Disruption - achieve the highest level of cell rupture

CATEGORY: Cell Disruption

Microfluidics achieves the highest level of product recovery across different cell types. An efficient integrated cooling system ensures that proteins stay intact - even under high pressure processing, keeping protein yields high.


Scalability of Microfluidizer® Processors

CATEGORY: Equipment

This video shows our full range of benchtop, pilot-scale, and production-scale Microfluidizer® processors which can be linearly scaled to achieve consistent, repeatable results.


Vaccine Production: Scaling up - lab to production

CATEGORY: Vaccines

Learn more about how Microfluidizer® technology provides guaranteed scale-up from the R&D lab to production.


Microfluidizer® Interaction Chamber™

CATEGORY: Vaccines

Interaction Chambers™ are designed to provide repeatable results and consistent quality, no matter the volume.


Scalable high-pressure homogenizers

CATEGORY: Equipment

Discover how Microfluidizer® Technology differentiates itself from other high-pressure homogenizers.


Microfluidics Product Line

CATEGORY: Equipment

Microfluidics provides best-in-class processors from lab scale to production scale equipment across numerous applications.


Cell Disruption

CATEGORY: Cell Disruption

Microfluidics is the gold standard in cell disruption due to its high recovery with less waste and damage.



CATEGORY: Nanoemulsions

Microfluidics provides high shear technology for stable, consistent results with precise control for nanoemulsion processing.



CATEGORY: Vaccines

Microfluidics provides high shear processors for scalable vaccine production for best-in-class results.


Superior Technology

CATEGORY: Equipment

Compared to our competition, Microfluidizer® processors provide greater shear forces, greater particle size reductions, less energy and fewer passes for superior technology.


Overview of Microfluidizer® Technology

CATEGORY: Equipment

Watch our video to learn about Microfluidics Interaction Chamber™, applications and scale-up capabilities.


Lipid Nanoparticles for next generation RNA/DNA Delivery

CATEGORY: Lipid Nanoparticles

Lipid Nanoparticles are game-changing pharmaceutical technology which are revolutionizing vaccine, gene and cancer developments.


Nanoparticle Albumin Bound (nab) Drug Delivery Technology


With fewer side effects than traditional chemotherapy systems, discover our role in creating nab (nanoparticle album bound) drug delivery technology.


Lipid Nanoparticle Manufacturing with High Shear Technology

CATEGORY: Lipid Nanoparticles

Whether producing small batches or millions of doses, Microfluidizer® technology offers repeatable, scalable results for LNP manufacturing.


Nanoemulsion Solutions

CATEGORY: Nanoemulsions

Watch this video to find out why top businesses choose Microfluidics for their nanoemulsion needs.


Cell Disruption Solutions

CATEGORY: Cell Disruption

This video provides an overview of cell disruption and how Microfluidizer® technology achieves the highest level of product recovery across different cell types.

How it Works

CATEGORY: Equipment

Discover what makes Microfluidizer® technology superior and how it differentiates over conventional homogenizers.


How to accomplish superior Cell Disruption results

CATEGORY: Cell Disruption

Microfluidizer® equipment provides a superior technology for cell disruption by lessening waste, limiting damage and guaranteeing scalability. Watch the video to learn more.


Solvent-free production methods for liposomes/lipid nanoparticles


Discover novel, solvent-free methods for producing lipid-based nanoparticles (liposomes, lipid nanoparticles and solid lipid nanoparticles).


High Shear Processing for Nanoemulsions, Liposomes & LNPs


Explore the benefits of high-shear processors for nanoemulsions, liposomes, and lipid nanoparticles in the biopharmaceutical, cosmetic, and researcher and development fields.

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