Chemical / Industrial

Superior Chemical Processing for Industrial Applications

Chemical and Industrial Applications with Microfluidizer® Process Technology

Microfluidics helps leading chemical companies reduce particle size to a submicron level to create stable nanoemulsions and suspensions. As droplet size decreases and particles are more uniformly dispersed, the effectiveness of high-performance materials increases.

Microfluidizer® high shear fluid chemical homogenizers are also used to disperse carbon nanotubes, achieve high color strength and gloss, and reduce the amount of volatile organic compounds by increasing water content.

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Behind only the pharmaceutical industry, Microfluidizer® processors are used most frequently for chemical applications, including:

  • Inkjet inks, conductive inks and toners
  • Carbon nanotubes
  • Resins, extenders and additives
  • Indoor and outdoor sealants
  • Easily dissolvable waxes
  • Electrodes for fuel cells and batteries
  • Pigments for LCD screens and portable electronics
  • Polymers, adhesives, preservatives, rheological agents, lubricants and more

Unique Chemical Process Solutions

Today, researchers in the chemical and industrial sectors are working to develop high-performance materials. Microfluidizer® technology meets the current needs of the chemical/industrial sector with a unique solution. Our chemical processors offer:

  • Highest energy mixing at a microliter scale, which creates uniform dispersion for higher performance
  • Ultrafine particle dispersion
  • Highest shear and impact for superior particle size reduction and the smallest particle sizes
  • High-energy mixing of viscous materials
  • Higher reaction rate with increased surface area
  • Reduced quantities of more expensive materials