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Microfluidizer® technology is simple to use & conforms to cGMP requirements. Delivering high shear forces needed for uniformity, it ensures that you can achieve nanoemulsions with tight particle distributions.
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Cell Disruption

Microfluidizer® Processors have the ability to break cells efficiently whilst also maintaining the intracellular content integrity which both supports and sustains downstream processing.
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Vaccine Adjuvants

Microfluidizer® technology enables the production of nanoemulsions with precisely controlled droplet sizes and distribution curves for sterile filtration and minimal product yield loss.
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Why Choose Microfluidics
Who is Microfluidics?

Microfluidics International Corporation, the OEM of Microfluidizer® high shear fluid processors, is a leader in the design and production of laboratory and commercial processing equipment used in the production of micro- and nano-scale materials for pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical and diverse industries.

Microfluidizer® technology enables some of the world’s top companies to create superior products, develop intellectual property, improve process efficiency and capitalize on new applications. We set the standard for nanoemulsion and nanoparticle processing.

How do Microfluidizer® processors work?

Microfluidizer®technology combines a constant pressure pumping system with fixed geometry Interaction ChambersTM, to deliver consistent, high shear rates and impact forces, which enables our customers to achieve unparalleled process results.

Product enters the system via the inlet reservoir and is pulled into a constant pressure pumping system which pushes the material through a fixed geometry Interaction Chamber™ at pressures of up to 30,000psi (2068 bar). All material receives the same treatment to achieve consistent, uniform results. After passing through the Interaction Chamber, the product temperature can be controlled.

Does Microfluidics have local service in my territory?

Microfluidics has been optimizing its global presence since the mid-1980s. We have a network of Sales Managers, Field Service Engineers, and Sales Representatives around the globe who can both demonstrate our capabilities and work with you to specify the best Microfluidizer processor for your application.

Our Headquarters and well-equipped application lab are located in Westwood, Massachusetts, USA. Please contact us to meet your local sales and support team.

How does Microfluidics support projects globally?

Microfluidics offers exceptional service providing a full range of Engineering Services, Applications, Installation, and Aftermarket support to our customers around the world.

Our Field Service, Engineering, and Applications Teams are easy to reach and capable of travelling to your site to provide advice on the specific needs of your process, give detailed technical support and recommend and perform qualified maintenance on your system.

Microfluidizer® Processors
Why should I choose Microfluidizer® technology?

Microfluidizer®technology is capable of achieving small particle sizes and uniform particle size distributions with batch-to-batch repeatability and guaranteed scale up from lab to production scale.

The Microfluidics product line offers cGMP solutions which are well accepted by pharmaceutical regulatory agencies around the world.

What is the processing capacity of Microfluidizer® processors?

Microfluidics offers a wide range of Microfluidizer® processors, capable of processing batch sizes as small as a few mL up to hundreds of liters per hour.


How do Microfluidizer® processors scale up?

Microfluidizer® technology is further differentiated from other technologies in that not only are results repeatable from batch to batch, but also can be scaled up from lab environments to pilot and production volumes.

This is achieved by aligning microchannels in parallel within a single Interaction ChamberTM.

These muti-slotted Interaction Chambers ensure that the entire product stream experiences identical shear, resulting in consistent quality at higher flow rates.

How does it compare to high pressure homogenizers or other processing technologies?

Because they are used on similar applications — albeit with dramatically different results — Microfluidizer® processors are often compared with conventional homogenizers.

The Microfluidizer® technology platform (distinguished by the fixed geometry Interaction ChamberTM) generates a uniform shear field for particle size reduction and robust cell disruption, with repeatable and scalable results.

This is not possible with even the most effective high-pressure homogenizers, sonicators, or other technologies. Other technologies introduce variable processing conditions, due to variable geometry or their batch type operation. This results in less uniform results, often requiring higher energy levels to even achieve results similar to those achieved with a Microfluidizer®Processor.

Also, these other technologies often require significant process development changes to achieve scale-up and there is no guarantee that scale-up is even possible.

In technologies that necessitate the use of such high levels of energy, a certain amount of this energy will dissipate as heat. In certain technologies, that heat can be difficult to control, and there may be a high level of temperature increase and/or variance in the product affecting its quality. However, Microfluidics has designed its equipment with efficient heat exchangers which are placed immediately after the Interaction Chambers™ where the product will face most, if not all, of its temperature rise.  This helps to ensure that you are able to maintain your product at the desired temperature.

Do you offer cGMP compliant equipment?

Yes, certain lab-scale models, and all pilot and production models can be capable of cGMP compliance.

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