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HC Series Microfluidizer® Processor

Air-Driven, Sanitary Standard Homogenizer

The lightweight, easy-to-use HC air-driven homogenizers are suitable for batch and continuous flow processing. The series produces up to 8,000 psi with standard lab air, for premium results at an affordable cost. HC machines are ideal for precisely controlled, higher volume applications, such as mammalian cell disruption and low shear emulsions.

The HC pneumatic homogenizers combine high flow with a high-pressure, fixed-geometry Interaction Chamber™ that imparts high shear rates to product formulations. Because every milliliter of your product experiences the same processing, the results include uniform particle and droplet size reduction, deagglomeration and high-yield cell disruption.

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HC Series


Standard Features

  • Small footprint for bench or under-hood use
  • Flow rates to 750 ml/min - 950 ml/min (HC5000), 750ml/min - 1000 ml/min (HC8000)
  • In-line cleaning, high-pressure tubing
  • Process pressure gauge 
  • Stainless steel feed reservoir (1.0l, HC5000; 2.0l, HC8000)

Optional Features

  • Pressure transducer with digital display
  • 400 ml manual pressure feed reservoir
  • Pressurized feed tank
  • Safeguard spares
  • Selection of Interaction Chambers™ for normal or high-viscosity processing

The HC Series of Lab Homogenizers is Recommended for:

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HC Series


The HC portable benchtop laboratory homogenizers:

  • Operate at pressures to 5,000 psi (HC5000), 8,000 psi (HC8000)
  • Handle sample sizes of 100 ml (HC5000) or 250 ml (HC8000) to continuous processing up to 120 liter/hour
  • Contain a unique, wear-resistant Interaction Chamber™ — no moving parts
  • Feature a durable plunger seal that offers a wide compatibility range and extended seal life
  • Air driven and explosion-proof
  • Produces a maximum process steam temperature of 158˚F (70˚C)

Our Range of High-Pressure
Bench Top Homogenizers

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HC Series


Our team is always happy to help whether it is before, during or after your purchasing journey

Microfluidics plays a critical role in cell disruption which is a key process for many scientific breakthroughs including gene therapy, diagnostic testing, pharmaceutical development and vaccine production.

The combination of constant pressure and our exclusive fixed-geometry Interaction Chamber™   enables our customers to achieve unparalleled success.