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High-pressure Benchtop Homogenizers

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Our lab scale high-pressure homogenizers provide enhanced capabilities for cell rupture, liposomes emulsions, and dispersions in a laboratory setting. Designed for continuous operation at high pressure, our benchtop homogenizers offer a compact design, simple installation, convenience, ease of use, and easy maintenance.

Microfluidizer® laboratory homogenizers allow you to scale up easily and linearly to achieve consistent, reliable results under the same operating conditions. Our high shear fluid processors provide the broadest range of processing capabilities you’ll find anywhere — bar none. From investigatory R&D runs to small pilot trials to full production volumes.

Superior engineering, construction and materials ensure the exceptional durability of Microfluidizer® lab scale high pressure homogenizer machines, which have been custom designed for laboratory use. Likewise, an absence of inline moving parts means Microfluidizer® processors require little or no downtime.

In fact, our proprietary wear-resistant ceramic (or diamond) fixed-geometry Interaction Chambers™ — at the heart of every Microfluidizer® high shear homogenizer — are key components that help deliver remarkably consistent results. This design feature also allows for the relative simplicity of operating and maintaining our high pressure laboratory homogenizers.


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LM10 Benchtop Homogenizer

Entry-level, digitally controlled lab unit suitable for benchtop processing of small (30 mL minimum) samples. Pressures up to 23,000 psi.

LM20 Benchtop Homogenizer

Digitally controlled high-pressure homogenizer capable of operating at pressures up to 30,000 psi, while taking minimal real estate on your laboratory benchtop.

M110P Benchtop Homogenizer

Handy “plug and play” benchtop homogenizer. Features modern touchscreen interface. Runs on standard 20-amp, single-phase electrical current from an ordinary outlet. Fits under most laboratory chemical hoods.

LV1 Low Volume Homogenizer

Our lowest-volume processor, capable of handling samples as small as 1 mL, delivers industry-leading particle size reductions and remarkably tight particle size distributions, for all your high-value samples.

M110Y High Pressure Pneumatic Lab Homogenizer

With simple analog controls and no electronics, this high-pressure pneumatic lab homogenizer achieves shear rates that are orders of magnitude greater than competing industrial mixers/lab homogenizers.

HC5000/HC8000 Low-Pressure Homogenizer

The HC Series is our lightweight, easy-to-use, low-pressure homogenizer. Suitable for batch and continuous-flow processing, this series includes models that operate at pressures ranging from 5,000 psi to 8,000 psi. These units are commonly used for gene therapy.

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High Shear Benchtop Microfluidizer® Processors

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