Scalable high-pressure homogenizing technology

Of course, achieving success in the lab is valuable only if it can be repeated reliably, regardless of scale.

Microfluidizer® technology is further differentiated from other technologies in that not only are results repeatable from batch to batch, but also from lab environments to pilot and production volumes.

The process of transferring the results of lab-scale R&D work to the pilot plant and then finally on to production scale is a critical link in the pharmaceutical production chain. Microfluidics combines unrivaled process knowledge with proven reliable technology which enhances pharmaceutical scale up.

The result is a process scale up that delivers:

  • increased process reliability
  • optimal production rates
  • fewer product defects
  • efficient pharmaceutical validation

This reliable scale up is achieved by aligning microchannels in parallel within the Interaction ChamberTM, with a single output reservoir. This ensures that the entire product stream experiences identical shear, resulting in consistent quality no matter the volume — from 1 ml up to thousands of liters per minute.

  scale up - Microfluidizer® Interaction Chamber

scale-up diagram of Microfluidizer Interaction Chamber