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High Shear Fluid Processors

Our Microfluidizer® processors are precision-engineered high-pressure homogenizers for creating nanoemulsions, uniform particle size reduction, deagglomeration and cell disruption. Our technology delivers outstanding results with the highest shear rates, smallest particle size reduction, tight particle size distributions and highly efficient rupture rates with fewer passes.

Microfluidizer® Processors

High Shear Homogenizers

Our models differ only in their batch size or flow rates, pressure ranges and motor types. We offer a range of high shear fluid processors, from bench-top laboratory models capable of processing small, investigatory samples, to pilot and production-scale machines capable of handling progressively larger batch sizes. All processing results can be reliably scaled up from lab to production.

Lab / BenchTop Machines

Microfluidizer® High Pressure Lab Homogenizers


Pilot Scale Equipment

Reduce Time to Market with Linear Scale-up


Production Scale

Superior, Scalable Results in Production Environments


High Pressure Lab and Bench Top Homogenizers

This is the homogenization equipment designed for lab-scale processing – from investigatory R&D to small-scale pilot batches. Our benchtop High Pressure Homogenizers are designed to provide enhanced capabilities for cell rupture, liposome emulsion production and dispersions in a laboratory setting.  With a compact design, simple installation and ease of use these are ideal for the lab environment.


Digitally controlled lab unit for small sample material processing



Digitally controlled, electric powered lab unit



Laboratory models for continuous high shear processing

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LV1 Low Volume

Low-volume electric processor for testing as low as 1mL



High-pressure pneumatic lab processor for high shear fluid processing


HC5000 / HC8000

Series of lightweight, easy-to-use, low-pressure pneumatic homogenizers


Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Equipment (cGMP)

Microfluidics offers a complete range of Microfluidizer® processors designed specifically for pharmaceutical and biotech applications with cGMP compliance in mind. As a best-in-class manufacturer, our equipment is used to produce world leading, FDA approved drugs around the globe. 

We have decades of experience with cGMP requirements for pharmaceutical and biotech applications. Count on our in-depth professional knowledge, expert support, and high-quality biopharmaceutical manufacturing equipment to help you to achieve effective sub-micron particle size reduction and tight particle size distributions.

Look for our cGMP compliant flag to identify the equipment that is specifically designed to meet these high standards.

CGMP Compliant Small (1)

Pilot Scale Homogenizers

Designed to bring you one step closer to going to market in a faster time, this pilot scale equipment is your bridge between R&D and production. Before you scale up to industrial homogenization, you need a cost-effective solution for pilot batch production. This equipment will take you there.

Pilot Scale M110EH

Available in basic, enhanced and aseptic models

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Pilot Scale M815

For processing pilot scale and small production batches

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Why Microfluidics?

Microfluidizer® Processors ensure that every mL of material gets the same high shear treatment regardless of whether you are processing a 1 mL batch or thousands of liters per hour.

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Production Scale Industrial Homogenizers

Once suitable pilot batches are confirmed, scale-up to production scale manufacturing is seamless for all applications. Offering scalable, repeatable results, our M-700 series is the proven, cost-effective choice that stands up to your high-demand production environment in the pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical, food or cosmetic sectors.

M700 Series

Biopharma Microfluidizer® processor for robust manufacturing of production batches

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