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our Microfluidizer® Processor Product Range

Precision-manufactured Microfluidizer® technology more efficiently converts high fluid pressure into shear forces, helping us set performance standards for high-pressure homogenization success throughout the industry.

MicroFluidizer® Processors

High-Pressure Homogenizers

Our models differ only in their characteristic batch size/flow rates, pressure ranges and motor types. We offer a range of homogenizers, from bench-top laboratory models capable of processing small, investigatory samples, to pilot and production-scale machines capable of handling progressively larger batch sizes.

Lab / BenchTop Machines

Microfluidizer® High Pressure Lab Homogenizers


Pilot Scale Equipment

Reduce Time to Market with Linear Scale-up


Production Scale

Superior, Scalable Results in Production Environments


High Pressure Lab and Bench Top Microfluidizer® Homogenizers

This is the homogenization equipment designed for lab-scale processing – from investigatory R&D to small-scale pilot batches. Whether you’re looking for a bench-top homogenizer or something with a slightly larger footprint, our laboratory homogenizers offer the consistency, scalability and efficiency you need from your small-scale homogenizing equipment.


Digitally controlled lab unit for small sample material processing



Digitally controlled, electric powered lab unit for small sample processing



Laboratory models for continuous high shear processing

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LV1 Low Volume

Low-volume electric processor brings high shear fluid processing



High-pressure pneumatic lab process for high shear fluid processing


HC 5000 / 8000

Series of lightweight, easy-to-use, low-pressure pneumatic homogenizers


Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Equipment (CGMP)

Our biopharma equipment and other machines are used in more biopharma productions globally — including in the production of many FDA-approved drugs — than any of our competitors’ products. In fact, we are the world’s premier provider of biotech and pharmaceutical high shear processing equipment. Microfluidics is a best-in-class manufacturer. We have more than 15 years of experience with CGMP requirements for pharmaceutical applications. Count on our in-depth professional knowledge, expert support, and high-quality biopharmaceutical manufacturing equipment for the most effective sub-micron particle size reduction and optimal yield for all your biotech and pharmaceutical productions.


Pilot Scale and Production Equipment

It’s the high-pressure homogenizer designed to bring you one step closer to going to market. Our M-110EH is your bridge between R&D and production. Before you scale up to industrial homogenization, you need a cost-effective solution for pilot batch production. This is the equipment to get you there.

Pilot Scale M110EH

Available in basic, enhanced and aseptic models for various applications

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Pilot Scale M815

For processing pilot scale and small production batches

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Why Microfluidics?

Microfluidizer® Processors ensure that every mL of material gets the same high shear treatment regardless if you’re processing a 1 mL batch or at thousands of liters per hour.


Production Scale Industrial Homogenizers

Our production-grade industrial homogenizers are the equipment of choice for scale-up in pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical, cosmetic and food processing applications. Offering scalable, repeatable results, our M-700 series is the proven choice for cost-effective industrial homogenizing equipment that stands up to your high-demand production environment.

M700 Series

Biopharma Microfluidizer® processor for robust manufacturing of production batches

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