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Our Microfluidizer® technology leads the industry with higher yields of active ingredients and greater control over process repeatability.

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Microfluidizer® Processors

Unrivalled results in uniform nanoemulsions, cell disruption and uniform particle size reduction, seamless scaleup and unparalleled repeatability.

No other high-pressure processor is capable of generating the shear levels routinely achieved by our Microfluidizer® technology.

Our machines consistently achieve superior results — significantly greater particle size reductions and remarkably uniform particle size distributions. If you depend on nanotechnology for innovative products with unprecedented properties — and undeniable advantages over your competition — count on Microfluidics for high-pressure homogenizers that are leading the global nano-revolution.

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Industry Leading Microfluidizer® Technology

Microfluidizer® Processors ensure that every mL of material gets the same high shear treatment regardless if you’re processing a 1 mL batch or thousands of liters per hour.



Precision-manufactured Microfluidizer® technology, helping us set performance standards for high-pressure homogenization success throughout the industry.



When you have a challenging application that requires the smallest possible particle sizes and uniform particle size distributions.



Microfluidizer® high shear fluid processors are vital to the development and production of a broad range of products across diverse industries.



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