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About the Lab

Microfluidics’ laboratory application experts work with global customers to understand their specific application needs, in conjunction with our technology, to advise on which processing conditions will yield the best results for their specific applications.

Our team of experts are recognized as global leaders in nanotechnology solutions and lecture throughout the world on their application knowledge of complex application case studies. Our application laboratory team works with a wide range of customers to solve their specific nanoparticle challenges. Our team of application engineers and subject matter experts have an in-depth understanding of various applications including lipid nanoparticles, nanoemulsions, cell disruption and particle size reduction.

For a live demonstration of their specific formulation, our customers are welcome to come on-site to ask questions and engage our team to best understand the goals and challenges of their particular needs. If visiting our site is not possible, our team will work closely with each customer as to best achieve their objectives.

Key Features

Whether a customer or a potential customer, our Microfluidics team provides attention and education to each challenge. All lab challenges are asked a full range of questions to best understand each problem and ensure goals are aligned. Our team provides a detailed report of all test results and can be trusted to adhere to a strict confidentiality agreement:

Our Microfluidics Technology lab offers the following services:

  • Supporting the development of customers' new products using feasibility tests.
  • Identifying improvements to existing manufacturing processes and/or established products.
  • Proof of concept for process scaling with a wide range of equipment, from lab-scale to pilot-scale and production-scale.
  • Ability to trial equipment before purchasing.

The Microfluidics Lab offers three kinds of tests to best serve our customers and potential customers.

Proof of concept test

Designed to educate our customers on the capabilities of a Microfluidizer® processor.

Potential customers provide a formulation to be processed under varying conditions. By modifying the type of Interaction Chamber, processing pressure, and number of passes, the processing results are impacted. Measuring particle size as the base of comparison, these changes provide an opportunity to showcase the Microfluidizer technology’s superior results.

Process optimization test

Designed to attain a customer’s specific result.

Our lab application team work diligently with customers to modify formulations to achieve specific objectives and results for a customer’s nano technology challenge. By varying the processing conditions, exact results can be achieved.

Scale-up test

Microfluidics scalability is a key benefit and this test provides an opportunity to prove this benefit on larger volumes.

In performing this test, our lab team splits a large batch of material provided by our customer. Some material is tested on either a lab or pilot scale Microfluidizer® processor and the remainder, of the material, is tested on our production scale Microfluidizer® processor. This allows our application team to prove that by processing under the same conditions (such as the Interaction Chamber™, pressure and number of passes) the exact results will be achieved whether it’s processed on a lab scale or production scale model.

What machines can I test with?

High shear fluid processors for creating nanoemulsions, uniform particle size reduction, deagglomeration and cell disruption.


The LM10 Microfluidizer® High Shear Fluid Homogenizer is a digitally controlled benchtop model used for small sample material processing. The LM10 processor consistently achieves repeatable results and saves on development time in pilot and production scale-up.


As a benchtop processor, this digitally controlled LM20 excels at efficiently converting high fluid pressures to intense shear forces. This lab scale model is a powerful tool in the research and development field. This dynamic processor is capable of achieving unmatched particle size reductions at lower process pressure.


Used by top pharmaceutical and biotech industries, this impressive bench top high shear processor is easy to use across many applications. Delivering repeatable results and guaranteed to scale-up to pilot and production volumes, this processor is designed for cGMP capability abilities.


The LV1 benchtop processor brings Microfluidizer® quality nanotechnology to the milliliter scale. The LV1 is the ideal processor for high value samples which require a minimal amount of product for machine operation while still maximizing recovery.


As a versatile processor, the M110EH is the workhorse of the Microfluidics product line. This pilot scale processor can achieve optimal results with small volumes or achieve repeatable results as a small production scale. The M110EH achieves superior results for many applications and has the option of cGMP capabilities.


Due to the revolutionary Interaction Chamber™ technology, the M815 high shear processor is capable of providing repeatable results on both pilot and small production scale volumes. As a self-contained unit, the M815 is easy to both operate and maintain.


As a production scale processor, the M7250 can efficiently achieve repeatable results for manufacturing volumes and global distribution. Used by top, global pharmaceutical companies, the M7250 is a proven machine to replicate research and development results into distribution channels.

Research, Develop and Innovate

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