Fully Equipped Laboratories

Leverage Our Application Knowledge and Experience

The Microfluidics Technology Center engineers process more than 100 vastly different customer applications every year. By combining our nanotechnology experience with your formulation expertise, together we determine the most efficient processing conditions to meet your product goals.

Process Optimization Assistance

Microfluidics provides more than the reliable, proven field service that keeps your equipment performing at its peak levels. Our application and material scientists are ready to assist you with process optimization by providing:

  • Access to a cutting-edge lab staffed with experienced application and process engineers as well as top-of-the-line analysis equipment
  • Process intensification to improve your production efficiency
  • Changes in formulations, vendors, ingredients or personnel without causing quality issues

Benefits of Working With Microfluidics

Our engineers help our customers:

  • Accelerate nanomaterials development, saving time and money
  • Improve production efficiency
  • Change formulations, vendors or ingredients without causing quality issues
  • Scale up a process from lab to pilot and/or commercial volumes
  • Train new or current personnel

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Our previous consulting work

Our engineers have worked extensively with customers in these areas:

  • Formation of nanoemulsions, nanosuspensions and liposomes
  • Nanoencapsulation of actives in polymers and liposomes
  • Cell disruption of many different types of cells
  • Proof of concept for process parameters (shear rate, temperature, etc.) with hands-on lab work
  • Proof of concept for process parameters (shear rate, temperature, etc.) with hands-on lab work
  • Assistance with formulation development and material characterization
  • Product optimization for multiple formulations, which may include lab work or hardware optimization
  • Integrating Microfluidizer® processors into an existing production line
  • Process scaleup
  • Process intensification

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Our on-site labs include:

  • Laboratory and production scale Microfluidizer® processors with a wide variety of Interaction Chambers™ for comparative results
  • Particle size analyzers for micron and submicron particles
  • Microscope with digital camera for observation and documentation
  • Highly trained personnel; our staff hold bachelors, masters and PHD degrees in engineering
  • Application engineers with experience in working with various kinds of materials and optimizing many types of processes




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