Helping Cosmetics Manufactures with Processing Challenges

Microfluidizer® High Shear Homogenizers for the Cosmetics Industry

Microfluidizer® cosmetic homogenizers/processors offer cosmetic companies an unprecedented level of control over their products, including emulsions and creams, skin treatments, sunscreens, makeups and mascaras, waxes and lipsticks, fragrances and more.

By precisely controlling particle size reduction to the optimal level with a uniform distribution, Microfluidizer® technology helps provide our customers with the improved quality and stability that bring tangible competitive differentiation to their products.

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A Powerful Line-Up of Cosmetics Processing Equipment

Cosmetics manufacturers worldwide use Microfluidization® processing equipment in the production of nanoemulsions, dispersions, and other formulations. Our versatile product line runs the gamut from laboratory homogenizers to industrial production models.

Benefits of Microfluidizer® Processors for the Cosmetic Industry

Today’s consumers demand unique products, cosmetic companies know that they need to innovate in order to remain competitive. Microfluidizer® technology helps cosmetic manufacturers develop unique, novel, marketable and high-performance products. We offer the cosmetics processing industry the following benefits:

  • Highest shear and impact
  • Ultrafine particle dispersion
  • High-energy mixing of viscous materials
  • Multiple active delivery modes possible with the same instrument platform
  • Reduced quantities of expensive materials
  • Uniform dispersion improves look, feel and efficacy of actives
  • Experience in the physical presentation of actives demanded by modern cosmetics

Improve Cosmetic Product Quality

Control the texture and appearance; improve color depth, range and intensity; and improve fragrance encapsulation.

Increase Stability

Prolong shelf life, enhance consistent delivery or benefits to specific sites on the body, and improve cost efficiency by running a continuous process using fewer raw materials.

Whether you manufacture ingredients used in cosmetics or the final products themselves, using a Microfluidizer® processor helps you take complete control of form, function, appearance and more. Our technology gives you competitive advantages in an otherwise crowded and commoditized marketplace.

Cosmetics Processing Applications

Some of the largest brands in cosmetic and ingredient manufacturing in the world rely on Microfluidizer® processors in the lab and in continuous production environments. Beyond providing exacting control over their products, forward-thinking companies are taking advantage of nanometer-scale dispersion, superior encapsulation and efficient cell disruption to create valuable high-end innovations:

  • Liposomes and emulsions for the delivery of vitamins, peptides, antioxidants and more
  • Cell disruption to release nutrients from plant cells that are used in cosmetics
  • Nanosuspensions, including polymers, for controlled benefits delivery
  • Collagen processing