Helping cosmetics manufacturers create stable nanoemulsions, dispersions, and other formulations

High Shear Homogenizers for Cosmetics

We understand that today’s cosmetic consumers demand high-performing products and that more than ever before, cosmetic companies must deliver superior products in an age where consumers rely heavily on recommendations of their peers to remain competitive. In support of this fact, not only does our Microfluidizer® technology help to process the ideal particle size for improved product delivery, but our team of experts in the company works with our customers to ensure they select the right model that will help them develop their unique products. Our service engineers will ensure your machine is installed and maintained for years of top-level performance.

Microfluidizer® processors offer cosmetic companies an unprecedented level of control over the manufacture of their creams, lotions and fragrances, as particle size reduction can be precisely controlled to achieve an optimal, target level with a tight particle size distribution. This helps to create stable nanoemulsions which give high-quality cosmetic products a long shelf life, improve the texture of creams and lotions and improve the rate of absorption into the skin. With this improved quality and stability of the nanoemulsion, our customers have seen a tangible competitive advantage for their products that their customer notice and promote.

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Improve Fragrance Quality

Microfluidics works with some of the world’s leading perfume houses, helping them to refine the quality of their premium product without the use of solvents. Because our processors can easily produce emulsions with particle sizes around 100 nm, not only is the translucency of the perfume improved but less of the active ingredient is needed for the same fragrance effect, thereby delivering an efficient and economical solution in the cost of ingredients.

Improved Lotions & Creams with Increased Longevity

For customers working with lotions & creams, we support them in achieving their target particle sizes to achieve the desired texture and feel of the lotion & cream. A further benefit is that the nanoemulsion is more stable which means it won’t separate over time, even in the more challenging temperature range environments of a bedroom or handbag.

Also, with processing the particles to the nano-size fewer additives are needed, whereas fewer chemicals create a more healthy, environmentally friendly product.

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Microfluidizer® Processors for the Cosmetic Industry

The Microfluidics Advantage

Microfluidics is the leader in high-shear processing equipment. Easy to operate and maintain, Microfluidizer® homogenizers are dependable and deliver consistent results with the highest shear rates, smallest particle size reduction and tight particle size distributions with fewer passes. Microfluidizer® technology ensures efficient cosmetic manufacturing with:

  • Repeatable results batch-to-batch
  • Seamless scalability for R&D to commercial volumes
  • Few passes for effective and cost-saving processing
  • Enhanced automation to decrease/eliminate operator errors
  • Sanitation options to prevent contamination for improved product
  • Technical support for less operational downtime and disruption

A Powerful Line-Up of Cosmetics Processing Equipment

Cosmetic manufacturers around the world have used our versatile product portfolio which comprises of models for the laboratory right up to production scale models. In today’s fast-moving world, obtaining specific results is in the development stage is only half the problem – getting these same product formulations to market efficiently can also be a challenge.

Using Microfluidizer® technology, research and development formulations can be seamlessly scaled up to commercialization efficiently and quickly. All results are fully transferable and scalable, with repeatable results time after time: