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Production Scale Homogenizers

Microfluidics High Pressure Production Scale Homogenizers

Once suitable pilot batches are confirmed, scale-up to production manufacturing is seamless for all applications. Offering scalable, repeatable results, our M700 series is the proven, cost-effective choice that stands up to your high-demand production environment in the pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical, food or cosmetic sectors.


Microfluidics Production Scale Homogenizers.

M7125 Production Scale Homogenizer

Results obtained on all laboratory units will scale up easily and in a linear manner to production volumes when the same operating conditions are employed. The M7125 processors offer proven results as a cost-effective solution across a broad range of industries.

M7250 Production Scale Homogenizer

The M7250 model delivers the finest and most uniform distribution of submicron particle size at the highest shear rates available. The M7250 delivers repeatable results from lab and pilot scale to production volumes

MP350 Microlyser™ Processor

The MP350 Enhanced Biopharma Grade Microlyser Processor is an innovation in cell disruption production scale technology. Incorporating Microfluidics’ propriety Interaction Chamber technology with a unique sanitary electric pumping system, maximum yields and improved product is achieved.

Proven Results

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Production Scale Microfluidizer® Processors

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