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Results: Solvent-free Technology for Oral Bioavailability Enhancement

Microfluidics' Senior Application Engineer, Chris Jaquin, recently joined Dr. Vanessa Bourgeaux (of Skypharma) and Oksana Lemasson (of LAGEPP) to discuss new developments since their initial webinar:

Innovative Solvent-free Technology for Oral Bioavailability Enhancement

Microfluidics recently hosted a joint webinar with two distinguished presenters to discuss oral process formulations to improve the efficacy of poorly soluble drugs.  Since this well-attended and highly engaged webinar was presented, trial results and findings have been released.  All speakers gathered again to provide a review, findings, surprises and next steps to this important work.

Topics of discussion during this update included: 

  • Review of trial
  • Trial results since the original presentation
  • Surprises and Improvements to the recent experiments
  • Next steps and impact of this trial
  • Microfluidizer® technology repeatable results and scalability



Our Presenters: 

This presentation was hosted by Chris Jaquin of Microfluidics. As Senior Applications Engineer, Chris has worked with a wide variety of materials, (including nanoemulsions, cell disruption and lipid nanoparticles) while performing proof of concept, process optimization and scale-up tests at Microfluidics’ facility located in Westwood, MA. During his tenure with Microfluidics, Chris has amassed extensive knowledge working with global customers to understand their specific application needs, in conjunction with our technology, to advise on which processing conditions will yield the best results for their specific applications.

Vanessa Bourgeaux, Innovation Leader and Project Manager, has extensive experience in research and development specializing in pharmaceutical development. At Skyepharma, a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) specialized in solid oral dosage forms, Vanessa is focused on Innovation and collaborative partnerships as product manager of the New Product Introduction department. Dr. Bourgeaux holds a PhD in biochemistry and cellular aspects of biology.

Oksana  Lemasson is currently a PhD student at LAGEPP (Lyon, France), in partnership with Skyepharma, and works on the development of lipid-based nanoparticles, from proof of concept to manufacturing process optimization. With teaching experience in galenics and an expertise in formulation, Oksana holds a double degree in pharmacy and a master 2 in industrial cosmetology with a specialization in formulation from the University of Lyon (France). 

If you should have further questions, please reach out to Dr. Vanessa Bourgeaux at Skyepharma,  Oksana Lemasson at LAGEPP and Chris Jaquin at Microfluidics.

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