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Solvent-free Technology for Oral Bioavailability Enhancement

The Microfluidics team recently hosted a joint webinar with Skyepharma and LAGEPP. Presenters included Dr. Vanessa Bourgeaux and Ph. D. student Oksana Lemasson. 

The topic of the webinar discussed:

Innovative Solvent-free Technology for Oral Bioavailability Enhancement

This session presented how Microfluidizer® technology, through a solvent-free manufacturing process, can help solve bioavailability issues and is particularly suitable for industrial transposition.

The presentation focused on the many factors that limit the effectiveness of oral treatments, including the poor bioavailability of some Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API). Due to these issues, particle size reduction and nanoencapsulation of BCS class II or IV API have become innovative strategies to improve drug solubility and also control its release and avoid hepatic first-pass effects.

Topics of this discussion included: 

  • Microfluidizer® technology - from best-in-class results to scalability
  • Bioavailability challenges 
  • Particle size reduction
  • Lipid-based Nanoparticles Development
  • Poorly-soluble API nanoencapsulation
  • Industrial manufacturing

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Posted by Cathy Silva


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