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Next-Generation RNA Technology & Delivery with Dr. Darrick Carter


Microfluidics International was pleased to host a joint webinar with HDT Bio., a world leader in the fight against healthcare inequity. Dr. Darrick Carter will present HDT Bio’s proprietary LION™ delivery system.  

A Scalable Solution for Next-Generation RNA Technology and Delivery

Dr. Carter has over 20 years of biotechnology experience, serving as CEO of PAI Life Sciences and Vice President of Adjuvant Technologies at Infectious Disease Research Institute (IDRI). During his impressive career as a biochemist/biophysicist, Dr. Carter has founded seven biotech companies.

In his current role as Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Carter focuses on improving outcomes in cancer and infectious diseases.

He has a passion for delivering healthcare solutions to traditionally underserved countries and has made great strides in producing a viable COVID-19 vaccine for these populations. Having recently won regulatory approval in India for their next-generation RNA technology vaccine, Dr. Carter will discuss HDT’s Bio’s approach for taking a global health solution idea from early stages of research through to commercialization, and how this involves working with key partnerships.

Career highlights include:

  • Under Dr. Carter’s guidance as CSO, HDT Bio has:

    • Been awarded phase 2 NIH SBIR grant to develop RNA vaccines and therapeutics for Enterovirus D68
    • Developed LION™ technology for delivery of saRNA - the basis for the first saRNA vaccine ever authorized for human use (EUA in India for Gemcovac-19)
    • Successfully dosed human volunteers in the company’s US Phase 1 clinical trial of its next-generation COVID-19 RNA vaccine, HDT-301.
  • Dr. Carter developed a flu vaccine that can be self-administered and sent through the mail in case of a pandemic.
  • At Corixa, Dr. Carter led a team that developed a new tuberculosis vaccine into human trials. This vaccine is now the first new TB vaccine to show efficacy in field trials by GSK.
  • Dr. Carter co-founded Compliment Corp. with a vision of improving cancer outcomes.
  • Dr. Carter is an inventor on over 120 patents and applications and has co-authored over 100 publications.
  • Dr. Carter is on the board of four Seattle biotechnology companies and acts as a scientific advisor for several vaccine and global health institutes.
  • Dr. Carter holds two affiliate Professorships at the University of Washington in the School of Medicine and in Global Health.

Dr. Carter has a track record of developing highly successful vaccines that use ground-breaking technology. He is bringing a wealth of knowledge to this webinar and will be sharing his insights into:

  • Addressing stability issues and dosing coordination learned whilst delivering the newly developed saRNA Covid-19 vaccine
  • How to overcome drug delivery challenges
  • Future opportunities with RNA technology in the area of infectious disease and cancer therapeutics
  • How to replicate results from research & development to production scale while maintaining consistent, repeatable results
  • cGMP considerations to bear in mind when selecting equipment.

View our webinar to learn more about this unique technology.

View the webinar A Scalable Solution for Next-Generation RNA  Technology and Delivery
Posted by Cathy Silva


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