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News round up | Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Food Processing Industry

We have pulled together the key news from the Pharmaceutical, Chemical and food processing industries for you to preview:

Scientists use innovative delivery systems to tailor omega-3 digestion speed

Flaxseed oil encapsulated in nanoememulsions displayed a much more rapid digestion than when hydrogel beads(HB) were used, found a recent study published in Food Research International.

How rugby injury and ‘fishy burps’ inspired new health drink

When Marcus Mollinga was recovering from surgery after a rugby injury, he was encouraged to take fish oil capsules – but they gave him “fishy burps.” The young entrepreneur stumbled on the field of nano-encapsulation and created an emulsion to mask the smell and taste of pharmaceutical grade fish oil.

Particle Sizing: An Established PAT for Continuous Manufacturing

The bulk chemicals industry (along with other sectors) long ago switched the majority of their production from batch manufacture to continuous processing. The pharmaceutical industry, by comparison, still clings to batch manufacturing processes. But that’s beginning to change rapidly.

The benefits of automation in pharmaceutical manufacturing

Jonathan Wilkins of obsolete industrial automation parts supplier EU Automation, explains how automation and robotics are transforming the pharmaceutical industry.

Genomic medicine is going mainstream and pharmacists need to be prepared

A shift is underway from a ‘one size fits all’ approach to medical treatment towards personalized medicine. Pharmacists will have an important role to play as genomic medicine becomes a household phrase.

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