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Comparing methods for making CBD Nanoemulsions

Finding the right equipment to manufacture your CBD infused beverage can be a challenge.

Using non-water-soluble components like CBD oil means there are some challenges in getting the results you want: a residue-free, shelf-stable, clear beverage.

While there are many possible techniques that are suitable at the R&D stage, once the product is in the market and volumes increase, manufacturers find that equipment that was effective at the R&D stage may no longer meet their needs.

With this drinks market expected to expand over the coming years, it’s important to invest in processes that can cope with this uptick in demand. Retrofitting can be a costly process that also causes disruption to supply.

Why not get it right the first time instead? Let’s compare two well-used processes: Ultrasonication and Microfluidizer® technology.

Ultrasonication Method

Ultrasonication is popular for start-ups as it is well-suited to lab work and trial batches, and can achieve the tiny particle size needed for small-scale batches of nanoemulsions. It uses sound energy at high frequencies to break apart particles by the process of cavitation - expansion and implosion of bubbles cause particles to break.

However, complications may arise when using Ultrasonication at the production, industrial scale:

  • the process is not scalable as non-uniform processing requires a long processing time to ensure all the material has been processed
  • the probe tip becomes damaged over time from the cavitation effect, so needs regular replacement and filtering of the liquid may not remove all metal particles
  • temperature control is difficult as there is high heat at the probe tip, which then reduces with distance, making it hard to control throughout the batch.

As a long-term solution, Ultrasonication isn’t viable without multiple ancillary processes such as filtration, increased maintenance, and regular probe replacement.

Microfluidizer® Technology

High-shear homogenization using Microfluidizer® technology is another way to achieve the same small droplet sizes needed to create a successful nanoemulsion but without complications.

Designed to operate at constant pressure and temperatures, Microfluidizer® processors have the capacity to run industrial-scale batches while still returning tight particle size distributions (and therefore excellent quality product) and offer:

  • A range of sizes to suit all demands - from lab scale to pilot, to production scale
  • Full linear scalability from the lab to production, simply by increasing the number of micro-channels inside the Interaction Chambers™, giving you confidence that your formulation can be reproduced at scale
  • Contamination free
  • Low maintenance and cleaning demands
  • Sterile processing equipment
  • High quality nanoemulsions with tight particle size distributions and reliable repeatability
  • Full compliance with cGMP regulations, future-proofing you against future FDA regulations

Industry leaders in nanoemulsions

Trust Microfluidics to help you create a future-proof manufacturing solution, giving you the power to scale up with ease as your business grows.

We share our 40 years of expertise in nanoemulsions to offer expert, tailored R&D and technical support as a standard service with our equipment. Microfluidizer® processors have been trusted by the biotech, food, and pharma industries for decades.

What’s more, our fellow companies of Quadro and Fitzpatrick are on-hand to support your other related applications, such as isolate manufacture, milling hemp or cannabis, and preparation for extraction.

Download our applications note today to learn how Microfluidizer® technology compares to Ultrasonication.

Please note - Microfluidics information and literature is intended only for the use of its equipment in jurisdictions where such activities are legal.

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