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Nanoemulsions: Mixing CBD Oil into Beverages

CBD water is a recent newcomer to the health foods market, taking its place amongst oils, capsules, gummies and edibles as a new and convenient way to consume cannabidiol.

Difficulties with CBD infused water

For those who are just exploring this growing market, creating a quality water product can be challenging.

Simple mixing of the non-soluble CBD oil with water creates a cloudy liquid. Not only is this less attractive aesthetically, it can also result in a less shelf-stable product as the oil and water will separate over time.

The way to introduce or 'solubilize' an oil-based ingredient is by creating a nanoemulsion. The nanosized droplets haven't changed in solubility but are now dispersed in the beverage and appear to be dissolved.

Creating water-soluble nanoemulsions

The best nanoemulsions achieve not only the target particle size, but also a tight particle size distribution. Nanoemulsions are made by reducing the size of the oil droplets and suspending them in an aqueous phase stabilized by emulsifier which creates a stable liquid. This makes them suitable for adding to a water-based beverage.

Using nanotechnology to make CBD infused water will give your beverage the following advantages:

  • reduced risk of oil and water separation
  • a transparent appearance
  • shelf stability

Industry-leading nanotechnology

Microfluidizer® technology is an efficient and cost-effective way to make quality nanoemulsions.

Trusted by food and pharmaceutical manufacturers for decades, our food-grade, cGMP compliant Microfluidizer® processors are simple to operate and proven to deliver particle size reduction.

Microfluidizer Technology

Here’s how Microfluidizer® processors help you harness the power of nanoemulsions:

  • Specialized Interaction Chambers subject the oil and water to extreme, but constant, shear forces, reducing the oil droplet size to the nano level and creating the suspension
  • Oil droplets in the suspension are reduced to a narrow particle size distribution
  • Remove the unpredictability from your process, with reliable, repeatable results every time
  • A full suite of models to cover all capacities, from lab-scale R&D batches, to thousands of liters per shift
  • Linear scalability by increasing the number of micro-channels inside the Interaction Chambers

Microfluidics: trusted experts in nanoemulsions and more

As industry leaders in nanoemulsions, Microfluidics have the expertise to help you create a stable nanoemulsion for your CBD drinks product.

Our team of application specialists understand how to harness biotech at the nano level and provide R&D support.

Committed to helping our customers unleash the potential in their manufacturing chain, we call on the expertise of our sister companies, Quadro and Fitzpatrick, for support with manufacturing challenges at all stages of production, from milling plants for extraction to sensitive milling of isolate products.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

Please note - Microfluidics information and literature is intended only for the use of its equipment in jurisdictions where such activities are legal.

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