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Using Sterile Nanoemulsions to Improve Vaccine Delivery

Around half of injectable drugs are water-insoluble, which causes vaccine manufacturers problems with the drug bioavailability when designing new products.

Nanoemulsion technology is a well-established solution to these issues in the vaccine research industry. As they are more stable alternatives to conventional emulsions, sterile nanoemulsions increase drug solubilization, reducing the effective vaccine dose required.

Experts in the production of nano emulsions

If you would like to explore working with sterile nanoemulsions in your manufacturing process, Microfluidics can help.

With nearly 40 years of excellence in high-shear processing, we are the leaders in nanoemulsion and nanoparticle applications. We help pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers to create superior products that are both effective and safe.

Our expert team of application engineers will work with you to find the unique processing solution for your vaccine formulation.

Outstanding technology

Microfluidizer® processors help manufacturers create vaccine components that improve drug efficacy, including nanoemulsions, liposomes, and surfactants.

Our industry-leading equipment for vaccine development and production processes nanoemulsions more efficiently than traditional high-pressure homogenizers, drastically reducing the number of passes required to achieve optimum particle size distribution.

Read more about nanoemulsion production using Microfluidizer® technology in our application note PDF. Our guide covers:

  • Properties of the ideal nano-emulsion
  • How to optimize your nano-emulsion production
  • Performance studies: Microfluidizer® processor vs High Pressure Homogenizer
Solution to terminal sterilization of nanoemulsion adjuvants  by combining high shear processing & filtration Download the Infographic
Posted by Matt Baumber


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