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In the Fight Against Covid-19 with our Vaccine Manufacturing Equipment

2020 saw the world face unexpected challenge in the shape of Covid-19.

The threat of pandemic thrust people, businesses, and governments into a whirlwind overnight, with all of humanity working toward defeating the virus as quickly and deftly as possible.

It’s no different for the Microfluidics team. Along with our customers, we’re working to reduce the virus’ global impact with our high-quality products and great technical teams.

Industry-leading vaccine manufacturing equipment

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve supplied critical vaccine production equipment to customers in the biotech and pharma industries.

  • Our Microfluidizer® high-shear processors are used in vaccine research and production to create vaccine adjuvants, increasing vaccine efficacy and yielding more doses from the same amount of antigen.
  • Microfluidizer® processors can comply to cGMP compliance, specifically designed for application in the pharma and biotech industries. Our machines consistently achieve sub-micron particle size reduction and tight particle size distributions.
  • We are proud that our processors yield repeatable shear results, both in the research lab and when scaled-up to production quantities.

Excellent technical teams supporting vaccine manufacture

In addition to our Microfluidizer® processors, our secret weapon in the fight against Covid-19 is our track record for technical excellence. We have decades of applications experience among our team, and proudly share this in-depth technical knowledge with our customers.

Here are some new ways we’ve shared our decades of experience in the fight against Covid-19:

  • We delivered vital training webinars to global biotech and pharma companies on how Microfluidizer® technology makes vaccines more effective through creating nanoemulsions and lipid nanoparticles.
  • Published application notes and training materials to aid with vaccine production.
  • We built a dedicated online suite of resources so our customers can easily access the technical excellence they need.
  • Our technical team provides applications advice and support to customers as they encounter and solve new problems in vaccine research.

When you buy a Microfluidizer® product, you buy more than a processor: we extend technical support to customers throughout the equipment’s life.

Our teams work proactively with customers to solve problems old and new by sharing best practice, applications knowledge, and valuable resources.

Great teams working together

Throughout the crisis, our team members have responded fantastically to all challenges, adopting new working practices across the board, and following social distancing measures at work. This diligence has enabled us to continue supporting vaccine manufacture and research at a crucial time.

We’re so proud of the contribution Microfluidics™ is making in the fight against Covid-19, and we fully support our teams as they continue to work towards finding our new normal.

For more vaccine related information and articles, please visit our resource page 'Technology for Scalable Vaccine Development and Production'

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Posted by Matt Baumber


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