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A Scalable Solution for Next-Generation RNA Technology & Delivery

The Microfluidics team was excited to participate as joint presenters on September 15th with the distinguished Dr. Darrick Carter, Chief Scientific Officer at HDT Bio Corp.

The topic of the webinar discussed:

A Scalable Solution for Next-Generation RNA Delivery and Technology.

This session presented HDT Bio's propriety LION™ drug delivery which was produced with the use of a high shear Microfluidizer® processor. These carriers are scalable and can efficiently deliver RNA and DNA to cells.

Dr. Carter illustrated how this technology is at the forefront of COVID vaccine development and has the potential for other vaccines and future medical breakthroughs.

Vaccine delivery using lipid nanoparticles

As one of the most successful delivery systems for clinical use, Lipid Nanoparticles offer better efficacy and less toxicity with a targeted delivery compared to other delivery systems. From research and development to production, delivering an RNA delivery system to achieve global commercial distribution is a critical priority for combatting Covid-19 and other medical diseases.

Topics included in this discussion included:

  • Addressing stability issues and dosing coordination of the newly developed vaccine options
  • Drug delivery challenges
  • Future opportunities with RNA technology and potential breakthroughs being explored
  • Replicating results from R&D to production scale with consistent, repeatable results
  • cGMP consideration

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