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Investing in Microfluidizer® technology means you receive a high level of support and customer service.

Our superior Aftermarket team consists of highly trained customer service representatives and field technicians, located throughout the world, dedicated to providing best-in-class support to our customers around the globe.

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Aftermarket Services

Whether you need expert maintenance advice or an OEM parts replacement for a Microfluidizer® processor, our experienced team members are on hand with everything you may need.

Discover why top companies trust the Aftermarket service we offer.

Our Aftermarket Customer Service team is available to answer all customer inquiries and support each Microfluidizer® processor throughout its ownership.

Each Microfluidizer processor is supported by an on-site installation, superior customer support, documentation, and a comprehensive user manual.

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Genuine Parts and Spares

Find out how to order your replacement part to keep your processor functioning properly.


Site Visit, Servicing & Training

Find out how to schedule an on-site visit from one of our expert technicians.


Preventative Maintenance

Learn more on how to keep your processor functioning properly through regular checkups.



Learn more about validating a repeatable process capable of producing quality products.



Schedule a field technician to assess your operating procedure and analyze production results.


Customer Service Enquires

Have a question, our expert Aftermarket customer team is here to help!


Interaction Chamber Orders

Find out how to order your Interaction Chamber™ so your processor functions properly.


Common Questions and Answers

Learn more about the common questions we get asked regarding equipment maintenance.


Parts, Spares and Documentation Orders

Our customers should only use and expect the highest quality of materials. Utilizing OEM parts ensures the highest machine performance, and repeatability for your validated processes and ensures that maximum level of safety when working with your high-pressure systems.

Our machines, and the components we use, meet the highest specifications for quality and reliability. We only supply OEM genuine parts from the factory, which have been tested and inspected to meet the highest quality standards.

We recommend that our customers keep a range of parts and spares as backup on their premises to avoid any downtime in production.

We are always developing new and improved versions of existing components as our clients challenge us with new and exciting applications.

Have you misplaced your manual or are you looking for the newest version? We can help. Be sure to ask us about any available upgrades for your equipment!

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On-Site Visit, Emergency Service and Training Requests

Want to create experts at your facility?

Want to empower superusers with expertise in manufacturing processing?

Talk to us about hosting a customized training session.

These sessions can be recorded for future reference purposes and personnel changes.

An on-site visit can be scheduled so our field service technicians can evaluate your specific operations and identify and resolve any potential performance issues. Through this thorough assessment, costly downtime interruptions are avoided to ensure your processor performs at peak capacity.

If there is an emergency, these same technicians will arrive at your site to perform a thorough diagnostic analysis and resolve the problem as efficiently as possible

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Preventative Maintenance Plans

Regularly scheduled Preventative Maintenance reduces downtime and increases confidence in the equipment. Our expert field service engineers arrive at your facility to identify and resolve potential performance issues before they arise. They will also train your staff to improve your internal knowledge base and skill set.

The following services are performed during an annual Preventative Maintenance site visit.

  • Thorough disassembly of key processor components
  • Clean & lubricate appropriate parts
  • Diagnose worn items and replace covered parts as necessary
  • Train internal staff on diagnosis, maintenance, and repair techniques
  • Reassemble and test of processor
  • Provide findings & analysis report
  • Ensure customer satisfaction post-service

With a Preventative Maintenance Plan, you can schedule your maintenance to ensure your processor always operates at its optimal capacity when you need it.

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Validation Assistance

Our Aftermarket team offers full on-site startup assistance for any purchased or rental Microfluidizer® processor.

Our validation assistance service provides tools to our customers for validating or qualifying repeatable processes capable of producing quality products. 

This service provides a fully electronic turnover package with links to drawings, certifications, data sheets, etc. all at the fingertips of your team. In addition to this, our extensive experience and focused expertise on Microfluidizer® Processors allow our Field Service Engineers to provide quick and timely feedback in real-time while executing Site Acceptance Tests and IQ/OQs.

To aid in the validation of your process, full on-site validation assistance services include:

  • Machine setup,
  • Standard IQ/OQ (Installation Qualification/Operational Qualification),
  • Performance Qualifications,
  • Site Acceptance Testing (SAT).
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Process Optimization

Our experienced application and material scientists are ready to assist with your process optimization.

  • Access a cutting-edge lab staffed with experienced application and process engineers
  • Improve production efficiency through process intensification
  • Change formulations, vendors, ingredients or personnel without causing quality issues

This service will thoroughly review all operating processes, equipment, and preventative maintenance plans to provide comprehensive optimization that balances our top-tier results with user-friendly operating procedures.

After installation, our field technicians are available to assess your operating process for proper procedures, evaluate that running conditions are being followed and review SOP (standard operating procedures) are met. Our field experts will also analyze volume results and consult on scalability, when necessary. Thereby, optimizing both the results and life of the machine.

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General Customer Service Enquires

Do you have a question?

Our Customer Service team is here to help solve problems quickly and effectively to keep downtime to a minimum.

Our mission is to minimize or eliminate downtime while maximizing process efficiency for our customers through quick, convenient, and reliable service offerings and proactive personal follow-ups.

Learn more about our Aftermarket team.

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Interaction Chamber Orders

Our exclusive fixed-geometry Interaction Chamber is instrumental in achieving unparalleled success.

Over time and after prolonged use, Interaction Chambers will begin to wear; their flow rates will gradually increase until they are unable to reach the maximum pressure.

To guarantee optimum performance, we recommend that these chambers are replaced with genuine Microfluidic OEM parts.

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Common Questions and Answers

Learn more about the common questions our Aftermarket Team is asked regarding equipment maintenance so your processor can achieve optimal results.

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Aftermarket Support

If you require technical assistance with a Microfluidics product or component please complete the form below to raise a query with our support team.