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MP350 Microlyser Processor - A Cell Rupture Production Scale Solution

Cells are the basic building blocks of all living things. From bacterial cells like E. Coli, to yeast cells like Pichia pastoris to algae cells and others, proteins play vital roles in scientific breakthroughs such as gene therapy and vaccine production. The key to recovering the intracellular content is through the important process of cell lysis. This is the process of breaking cell membranes to recover the intracellular content.

Cell Disruption Challenges facing Traditional Methods

Traditional mechanical methods of production scale cell disruption have always presented significant challenges including:

  • Inconsistent Shear Rates which create varying quality of results.
  • Multiple Passes needed to achieve the desired levels which increases production times and risks damage to yields.
  • Heat Regulation Challenges which can compromise the integrity of temperature-sensitive contents.
  • Frequent Part Failures which can produce additional downtime and higher maintenance costs.
  • Inefficient Separation which inhibits filtration and may cause clogging.
  • Extensive Cleaning causing increased downtime and risk of contamination.
  • Duplication Issues which achieve inconsistent results batch-to-batch.

To address these challenges, Microfluidics International Corporation has a solution:

The MP350 Microlyser™ Processor

A New Innovation in Production Scale Biotech Cell Disruption Processing

The MP350 enhanced biopharma grade Microlyser™ processor is uniquely designed to overcome some of cell disruption's most complex production scale manufacturing issues. This remarkable production scale processor employs Microfluidics' proprietary Interaction Chamber™ technology with a patented sanitary electric pumping system, to deliver industry-leading production scale cell disruption yields.

How the MP350 Microlyser™ Operates

Microfluidics- Microlyser MP350 - Schematic

Operating the MP350 Microlyser™ is simple:

  1. The material is poured into the inlet reservoir while the pharma-grade feed pump produces a smooth transition to the unique electric pumping system.
  2. This high-pressure electric pump, designed with the highest standard, propels the material through the Interaction Chamber™ at pressures up to 30,000 psi (2068 bar). No moving parts inside the Interaction Chamber™ means a longer equipment life with reduced maintenance costs.
  3. With controlled shear rate, combined with both the electric pump and revolutionary Interaction Chamber™, results are achieved in fewer passes being needed to process material which saves both time and money. Since each batch is handled exactly the same, results are consistent batch-to-batch.
  4. Post cell disruption, the product is cooled in the pharma-grade heat exchanger. Precise temperature control & shorter residence time results in reduced denaturing and increased product yields.
  5. Real-time monitoring keeps every parameter under control for optimizing efficiency.


Safety and compliance are paramount in the biopharma environment. The MP350 Microlyser™ processor is designed to meet SIP (Steam-in-Place), cGMP, 21 CFR part 11, and GAMP standards and compliance.

With over 40 years of experience in the biopharma industry, our team of engineers are excited to introduce this state-of-the-art solution to production scale cell disruption processing.

Contact us for more details on this innovation, or learn more about the MP350 Microlyser™ processor by downloading the brochure.

Download the Brochure
Posted by Cathy Silva


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