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How to remove unwanted agglomeration in dispersions

Agglomeration is a process by which individual particles of a given substance clump together, forming a more or less solid mass. Such a mass also is known as an agglomeration. The process of agglomeration may be useful in some instances — such as consumer cereals featuring clusters — but in most manufacturing scenarios, agglomeration is undesirable. In these cases, the uniform dispersion of individual particles throughout a given medium is the ideal, and must be addressed before final processing can be successfully completed.

Deagglomeration, which prevents or reverses agglomeration during processing, is crucial. Numerous manufacturing processes across industries as diverse as food production, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, energy, cosmetics and nutraceuticals may be affected by issues involving agglomeration/deagglomeration.

When Deagglomeration Is Crucial to the Success of Your Application

Agglomeration can adversely affect everything from the aesthetic appeal of cosmetics to the safety and efficacy of pharmaceuticals. Fortunately, Microfluidics offers superior deagglomeration equipment to help address these potential challenges quickly and efficiently.

Microfluidics specializes in the engineering, manufacturing, sales and servicing of Microfluidizer® processors. Our processors excel at achieving uniform particle size reductions, as well as deagglomeration, dispersion and other key processes. Microfluidizer® technology harnesses the power of uniformly applied high shear forces to produce exceptionally precise particle size reductions and tight particle size distributions.

The key to our — and your — success is our unique fixed-geometry, exceptionally durable ceramic or diamond interaction chambers. Literally and figuratively at the heart of every Microfluidizer® processor, the chamber is the reason our deagglomeration and processing technology beats the competition, hands down. Our high shear, high-pressure fluid processors consistently provide results that leave competitors’ machines in the dust.   

Deagglomeration and uniform dispersion are typically achieved in a single pass. Our superbly engineered Microfluidizer® processors allow for highly precise regulation of shear forces, so you can optimize these forces to meet the stringent demands of your particular materials and maximize the efficiency of your process.

Uniform Material Exposure for Uniform Results

Microfluidizer® technology offers unparalleled control over shear forces. Operating under constant, unwavering pressure, our machines ensure that 100% of your materials will be exposed to exactly the same forces. This ensures uniformity and minimizes time and energy spent achieving a targeted outcome.

One example of the successful implementation of our deagglomeration equipment involves the use of Microfluidizer® technology to achieve graphene exfoliation. Read more about this fascinating nanoscale project and the unique technological application made possible through the use of our superior deagglomeration equipment.

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