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Published on Aug 12, 2021 2:57:18 PM

Cell Disruption Video

Discover why businesses choose Microfluidics for their cell disruption needs.

“I highly value the Microfluidizer® Machine for cell disruption. It’s very reliable, processing hundreds of liters of our diverse cell suspensions with very few problems. My colleagues and I have used two different brands of competitive equipment but now have switched exclusively to Microfluidics. The difference is night and day. Yields of usually difficult, otherwise poorly soluble proteins are much higher after disruption with the Microfluidizer® processor. Maintenance requirements are also much lower now. With the competitive systems, maintenance was a constant problem and required several service visits per year. Overall, I am very happy that I switched to the LM20 Microfluidizer® processor.” Prof. Thomas Schwartz, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (USA)

Whether it’s called cell lysis, cell rupture or cell disruption, it means the same thing.

Cell Disruption is a key process for many scientific breakthroughs including gene therapy, diagnostic testing, pharmaceutical development and vaccine production.

Cell disruption is the process of breaking cells to recover and maintain the intracellular content integrity with high efficiency.

  • So what role does Microfluidics play in this key process of cell rupture?
  • How does Microfluidizer® Technology compare to other cell disruption methods?

Watch our video for an overall understanding of cell disruption, Microfluidics' key role, and how we compare to our competition.

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