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Nanoemulsion Formulation Solutions

Published on Nov 11, 2021 2:00:00 PM

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Why do businesses choose Microfluidics for their nanoemulsion needs?

Nanoemulsions are two or more immiscible liquids (normally consisting of an oil and an aqueous phase) where one is finely dispersed in the other forming nanoscale droplets.

Nanoemulsions have a wide application and can be found in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and nutraceuticals, chemical and industrial sectors.

Whatever the application, the aim is to make a stable nanoemulsion.

Particle size and size distribution is crucial in producing stable nanoemulsions with better bioavailability and longer shelf life. Additional benefits can include the ability to sterile filter and/or produce transparent emulsions.

  • What role does Microfluidics play in this key process of nanoemulsions?
  • How can this application be scaled from research and development to production and still achieve repeatable results?
  • How does Microfluidizer® technology compare to other nanoemulsion methods?

Watch our video for an overall understanding of nanoemulsions, Microfluidics' key role, and how we compare to our competition.

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