Microfluidizer® Technology for scalable production of nab paclitaxel

Application Note

Albumin App Note Front Cover

Nanoparticle albumin bound (nab) technology is one of the most useful delivery platforms, especially for drugs such as chemotherapeutics.

Cancer treatments have been advancing in recent decades with chemotherapy being one of the most widely adopted treatments. However, delivering chemotherapeutics continues to be a major challenge, due to their high toxicity, low aqueous solubility and poor bioavailability. In addition, traditional solubilizing and delivery vehicles, such as Cremophor EL and ethanol, are cytotoxic and can lead to severe allergic reactions.

Nanoparticle albumin bound (nab) technology is a novel and attractive platform. Albumin is a natural and abundant protein occurring in plasma, which means it is not only biocompatible and biodegradable, but also non-toxic and non-immunogenic. Abraxane® (Nab-paclitaxel) was the first FDA approved, highly successful, chemotherapy drug based on this nab-technology.

This Application Note explores how creating stable nanoemulsions enables this drug to be successful.

In this Application Note we also look at how Microfluidizer® Technology plays a vital role in safely producing nab-paclitaxel with high shear homogenization.

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