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Learn more about the common questions we get asked regarding equipment maintenance.

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Microfluidizer processors are superior, highly efficient pieces of equipment. Each processor comes with a detailed manual containing the specific information regarding the operations and functions necessary to keep each machine running at its optimal level. It is recommended that all operators become familiar with the manual and the specifics of the machine. An installation site visit is usually recommended so our technicians can properly demonstrate operating procedures, explain maintenance steps and answer any/all specific questions.

We strongly suggest that manufacturers keep a backup of the key components on hand. These spares will be available immediately if there is any breakage or wear in instrumental parts and will avoid shipping and ordering delays that are out of Microfluidics’ control.

Our other suggestion is getting a Preventative Maintenance Plan. This plan allows our customers to schedule an annual visit with our trained technicians. A thorough inspection of the machine is provided, and parts are evaluated and often replaced. Also, this visit provides our customers to have a personal discussion with an expert field engineer regarding their specific concerns. Our technicians will also evaluate the volumes achieved and can discuss future optimal goals.

As an international corporation, Microfluidics services equipment globally and has technicians available to provide service throughout the world. Investing in our equipment means we will invest in your success wherever that is!

Microfluidics offers on-site visits to assist customers with personnel changes. Our trained technicians can be scheduled to provide training to all operators at the customer facility. These sessions can be recorded and used for future reference and any personnel changes.

Microfluidics offers customized Preventative Maintenance plans to meet your particular nanoparticle goals. Each plan is designed to keep our customers’ processors running at optimal levels and avoid costly downtime interruptions. Our plans are ready to provide parts and service at a frequency that’s right for you and your specific machine (annual, bi-annual, etc.) based on your specific operation and volume levels.

An on-site visit allows our service technicians can evaluate operations and answer all specific questions. Our experienced service engineers will arrive on-site to fully disassemble, evaluate, clean, rebuild and test your equipment. Prior to each on-site visit, our customer service team will ship all required spare parts (all wearable components, hydraulic oil, filters, etc.). Microfluidics Preventative Maintenance Plan will leave you with the peace of mind that your equipment is operating at its optimal running condition.

Please contact the customer service team for a detailed list of parts that we would suggest you never be without. We can work with you to determine your demand horizon and what level of preparedness you would like to achieve. Our team of customer service experts can help evaluate how critical an interruption, due to downtime, would impact your specific operations.